Live Brief: charity rebrand and website design

I was asked by web design agency Red Bullet, situated in Canterbury, to give a fresh face to the charity Cecilia’s Children, which focuses on building a new school for children in Kisumu; this involved a rebranding and new website proposal.


Logo design proposals for the Cecilia’s Children charity and for myself as an agency.

The charity Cecilia’s Children wanted a refreshed design as part of their new image; the logo takes the ‘C’ from the name and represents it as a mother and baby, reflecting the brand’s principles. The agency logo visually portrays the name ‘Spotlight’ to capture the essence of the brand: focused and determined.


The identity of the charity, particularly the website, was slightly outdated and didn’t capture the principles the founders wanted to convey; the website design focused on giving the charity the face it desired. 

The design of the site pays homage to the charity’s original website, which was dedicated to the founder’s late Mother Cecilia and holds a personal meaning, but with a more modern and fresh edge. Visual elements include the use of hero images and carousels as well as incorporating WooCommerce features, which enables users to contribute to the charity more meaningfully by purchasing building materials for the school rather than just donating money.


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