Campaign to get more teens involved in ice skating

As part of my final major practical for my third year at Canterbury Christ Church University, I created a campaign which aimed to get more young people involved in ice skating across the country.


The campaign is comprised of both web-focused and physical elements to better meet the needs of a youthful audience, whom in today’s world, are heavily based online; this includes animated logos, downloadable posters and merchandise.

I designed a series of posters to be used as free downloads in an effort to promote the campaign, as well as designing a collection of merchandise using variations of both the logo and poster prints, which would be sold on the website to raise money for more skating events and rinks across the country. The animated logo, featured below, was used on the homepage to break down the image aspect of the logo, making it easier for audiences of all ages to understand.


I designed a mobile friendly website for the campaign which housed all of the relevant information regarding ice skating along with the assets made, maintaining the same identity and theme used in the posters and merchandise.

The website follows a scrolling design, similar to current social media apps, with various sub-sections offering users the chance to click and explore more; these include a ‘#getinvolved’ section, detailing local skating events, rinks, general skating information and more; a ‘#whybother?’ section, with physical and mental health benefits associated with the sport; ‘#shoptillyoudrop’ featuring the merchandise and free downloads; and also a ‘#whocares?’ section, detailing the purpose and aim of the campaign itself. Following in the social media theme, I also included a ‘#shareyourstory’ page within ‘#getinvolved’, which allows users to upload photos or videos and tell their ice skating story in an effort to inspire other people and get them involved. 

Check out the website designed for the SKATE! campaign here!


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